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On August 17, we’re launching Titanium, the ultimate lifestyle membership, and a new DreamTrips® pricing model that incorporates our latest luxury product. Here’s how these revolutionary developments will impact the Compensation Plan:

  • Earn tiered Direct Commissions up to $100 when you personally enroll new DreamTrips Members
  • Weekly and Monthly Sales Credits, Lineage Sales Volume, and Monthly Lineage Count numbers have been adjusted to fit the new pricing model
  • Get a $50 Cycle Bonus every time you earn 1.5 sales credits on your right leg and 1.5 sales credits on your left leg
  • A new Matching Bonus is available for Qualified Reps and above — earn a percentage match on your personal Reps’ weekly checks, up to 20%
  • The Wings Bonus and Personal Sales Bonus have been discontinued until further notice, and, as of September 1, 2019, it will no longer be possible to double Tier 2 or Tier 3 payouts with the Wings & Wheels Lifestyle Bonus

Superior new and improved sales tools featuring the Titanium Membership are frequently being added to the back office, including:

  • DreamTrips Membership Benefits Matrix
  • You Should Be Here magazine
  • Vacation Sooner quadfold
  • Business Presentations

Updates to the Comp Plan go into effect on August 17. Want to know more? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

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