Don’t Miss this Transformational Theatrical Experience

Experience a spectacular event that will change your life. A View From the Edge will guide, motivate and inspire you to unleash your personal power and find financial success. Journey with Marc Accetta through an intense series of one-man performances that explore defeating your fears to uncover your life’s path.

You’ll be kept on the edge of your seat, taken to new heights and challenged to re-examine your personal and professional limitations. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the success you’ve been searching for!

Expand your horizon at A View From the Edge 2019:*

  • Macau: September
  • Las Vegas: October
  • Pretoria: October
  • France: November

Invite your team. Marc’s thought-provoking performances motivate everyone to aim higher and achieve more.


The mentor of a movement, Marc Accetta is a sought-after trainer, renowned for advancing in-depth personal and professional development to tens of thousands of WorldVentures™ Representatives worldwide. Marc does this by sharing his expertise, business solutions and deep belief in the mission of WorldVentures.

“The worst place to be is in the prison of your own mind.” — Marc Accetta, International Director of Training

*Dates are approximate and may change.

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