Wow! What A Weekend!

UNITED We Streamed

All we can say is “wow.” To all of you who joined us, thank you for making this weekend such a special one! In these crazy times, it was such a joy to come together as one big WorldVentures™ global family. Even without the big stage, the lights and the sound system, our trainers still brought the same fire and passion they’re known for. We were blown away.

We also, as usual, dropped another round of love bombs on you. Let’s break ‘em down.

Ignition Extended

Great news! If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the 2020 Ignition Kit 2.0, you’ve got some more time. You now have until May 8, 2020, to lock yours in. That means, from the date you buy it (for only $99.99) through May 24, 2020, you’ll be awarded one additional count for all new membership sales, which will boost your lineage and binary counts until June 26, 2020.

Plus, you get bonus training audios from Marc Accetta and our top trainers along with 10 DreamGiver Printable Cards. And remember, if you scoop up 2.0, you’ll get 3.0 automatically, as our gift, when it launches! Can we just say, you’re definitely gonna want 3.0 — we’re working on something new, and we think you’re going to dig it. So, stay tuned!

WV Pro Is Coming

Ready to take your business to the next level? Upgrade your toolkit with the addition of WV Pro. For just $9.99/month, you’ll get Knighted Trainers in your pocket, upgraded business monitoring (including Progress Report, Lifetime Earnings, Team Alerts and more), plus regular updates and improvements!

Are you in? Want to take a deeper dive into your organization and manage your business like never before? It’s time to go Pro. We’ll be rolling it out in stages, so sign up now and you won’t be charged until it goes live for your rank.

Promotion Extensions

In addition to the Ignition 2.0 extension, both Fast Pass and Welcome Back have been extended for our global teams through July 24. So, with 4 personally sponsored Retail Customers (non-Reps), you‘ll qualify for 150% lineage for all the active Retail Customers on your team. And if you know someone who’s been missing out on all the fun, they can come back to the party for only $99.

For our WV family in Africa, the Gold Rush promotion ($50 off new DT Gold sales) has also been extended through July 24.

Get the details for Fast Pass, Welcome Back and Gold Rush.

The Promoganza continues! 

Get that 50% extra boost to Gold and Platinum Memberships with Super Cycle through June 26. And don’t forget that $25 Marketing Bonus when your customers snag a Golden Ticket starting at only $99 per person, while supplies last.

Thanks Again!

Again, on behalf of the executives and the entire corporate team, thanks for plugging into UNITED and thanks for all your hard work in the field. We are in awe of all the ways you’ve improvised, adapted and overcome challenges during these recent weeks, and it’s a privilege to serve and support you.

Know that we are working tirelessly to provide the best travel products and home-based business opportunity on the planet, and we stand UNITED, beside you.

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