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Personality Test

It is amazing that virtually no school in the world gives its students a Personality Test. Once you take this test you will have a much better understanding of who you are and what your

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PR Newswire

PLANO, Texas, Aug. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- WorldVentures, the leading direct seller of global travel and leisure club memberships, has introduced a new membership tier to its world-class DreamTrips Membership platform: DreamTrips Titanium. The DreamTrips

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DreamTrips Awards

DreamTrips Awards North America's Leading Travel Club 2019 World's Leading Travel Club 2018 World's Leading Travel Club Membership 2018 Asia's Leading Travel Club 2018 Europe's Leading Travel Club 2018 North America's Leading Travel Club 2018

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Rovia Awards

Rovia Awards Africa's Leading Curated Group Travel Company 2019 Europe's Leading Curated Group Travel Company 2019 North America's Leading Curated Group Travel Company 2019 World's Leading Curated Group Travel Company 2018 Africa's Leading Curated Group

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Ranked #38

WorldVentures is a privately held company that sells travel and lifestyle community memberships providing a diverse set of products and experiences. The company’s goal is to help Independent Representatives, DreamTrips Members and employees achieve more

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Dallas Business Journal

Five North Texas companies ranked among the 100 healthiest places to work in the U.S. WorldVentures took No. 24, the highest spot among Dallas-Fort Worth area businesses, according to the “Healthiest 100 Employers in America”

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Ranked #799

WorldVentures Retails vacation club memberships indirectly, offering DreamTrips memberships. Representatives stationed in 40+ countries and more than 500,000 members world wide. VIEW ALL RANKINGS

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Better Way To Travel

From the start, WorldVentures founders Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue set out to build a different kind of business. They dreamed of a vacation and entertainment club that would give members access to high-quality, yet

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Bottle School

This school used to be a plastic bottle. This school also used to be an empty chip bag, a coffee cup and a candy wrapper. In fact, it used to be a whole village full

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