Closing Fundamentals


Project Description

Are you ready to get started with us? In WorldVentures™, or any other business, once the presentation is over, it’s time to ask for the sale. In Closing Fundamentals, we’ll cover some of the main reasons why people don’t buy and some great non-threatening techniques to help move people to action. Master these skills and you’ll be signing up new customers and representatives in no time!

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QuickCoach is your go-to solution when you need help fast! Each video in this powerful WorldVentures training series covers a different topic in a simple, bite-sized format. They’re designed to save you time, reinforce the more in-depth training you receive at events and help you and your team have greater success. But, for the absolute best training we have to offer, make sure you reserve your seat at the next live training event. And, next time you need a quick tip, before you call your mentor, check out QuickCoach!

About WorldVentures
WorldVentures™ is a privately held company based in Plano, Texas, that sells travel and leisure club memberships providing a diverse set of products and experiences. The company’s goal is to help Independent Representatives, DreamTrips™ Members and employees achieve more fun, freedom and fulfillment in their lives. WorldVentures uses the direct sales model to go to market with active Representatives and members worldwide.


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